Polar Rush - Masters Women CAN Team

Here's a chance to connect with other good sports in the network. Register for the Polar Rush 2018 and join the Masters Women CAN team, 10:00 am wave. The event is also on FB where we can chat as a team to organize ourselves for the day.

If you are in Ontario near Barrie come and join other good sports for some snowy fun!

What's New

December 2017:

  • Register for Polar Rush and join other Good Sports in a fun networking event - our first opportunity to meet other good sports in person! Saturday Feb 24, 2018, Horseshoe Valley Resort near Barrie Ontario
  • Book launch highlights the lessons learned from studying masters athletes. Run Strong, Stay Hungry: 9 Keys to staying in the race by Jonathan Beverly. Masters athletes "have become a topic of fascination for researchers in the past decade, because they're viewed as "exemplars of successful aging." And it's not just because they get lots of exercise: "Lifelong competitors" also tend to have high psychological, cognitive and social functioning, prompting researchers to wonder what makes them tick – and whether the rest of us should be emulating them." Alex Hutchinson Special to the Globe and Mail, Dec. 1, 2017 

November 2017:

  • Many events have been added to the calendar. Thanks for sending! You can email @ masterswomencan@gmail.com or use the discussion forum
  • Articles posted in the Learn from the Pros page in Resources and Reading
  • Videos added to the Learn from the Pros Motivation page 
  • Videos of rowers training in the Workout Ideas page
  • Addition of many new women in the network - Welcome!
  • New poll on the FB group: What do you gain from competing in sport?"

October 2017:

  • Discussion forum is live!  Link from the Discussion Forum page or click here to go directly to the board

September 2017:

  • Videos added to Motivation page
  • See the latest tweets and FOLLOW us @MastersWomenCAN

August 2017:

  • See the latest tweets from @MastersWomenCAN
  • Start connecting with other members through The Exchange. How to slides are posted!

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