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Masters Women CAN (Masters Women Competitive Athlete Network) is an inclusive networking group for women in all sports who train to compete in masters level competitions.

Who are you? 


1. Do you train to compete in a sport?

2. Do you compete as a masters athlete? 

3. Are you interested in networking with other competitive masters women?

The Goal


The goal of the Network is to create a community, a forum for discussion and opportunities for connecting for women whose lives include competitive sport. 



  • Training and trade secrets
  • Skills and equipment exchange
  • Research
  • Discussions and forums
  • Calendar of events
  • Tips and reviews

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In your message tell us about you and your sport(s), and how you hope the Network can help you connect to other good sports. Moving forward, feel free to send us updates on your training and competitions and any other information that you want to share with the Network. We will respond to collect additional details such as events, links and photos from you.